Slow but Steady Progress

Work is progressing at a marginal rate, as I can only get down to the mooring after work. But summer is on it’s way and the days are getting longer. Working after dark is not an option right now but I do see a portable spotlight on the horizon.. Occasional […]


Dismantling of Perception

Here is a quick update on the dismantling of Perception. So far we have stripped out all interior structures from the aft cabin, port head, galley and workroom. The workroom has the hydraulic steering in place that will have to be moved down the line as well as the cable […]


Welding Wonderfulness

Mike received a call, warning him that Perception’s starboard bow fairlead had come undone. He rushed down to check and found that the deckplate had rusted through. He had been keeping a eye on the problem since Cape Town and the problem to come, now turned into an immediate problem. […]


Perception – Our dream to sail 1

I guess it’s too late to change our minds now-Perception is being gutted like a fish. Although I loved her interior when we bought her, Mike’s vision for her new look is exciting. This old lady is going to get an all new, crisp white open plan layout. There is […]

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Rebuild – Day 4

After quite a bit of sweating, swearing, cuts and bruises the aft cabin is finally gutted. Still have to clean up a few adds and ends but all on track. On to the saloon.


Rebuild – Day 1  2

Today I finally bit the bullet and started the internal deconstruction of Perception. All went well other than 1 x broken hammer. The more I uncovered the more excited I became seeing the steel below. A couple of rust-touched spots but all in all looking good so far. We have […]

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Fathers Day

Here are the three generations. Father son and father son.


The Visit

On the 19th of March 2016 Mike and I bought a boat. No big deal really, is it? Maybe not for some, but we had never bought anything bigger than a TV before this day. So this was a Supersized big deal for us. Call it a Big MacBoat. Not […]

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Boat Prep for Home Trip 2

Everything is slowly falling into place. Our beautiful yacht Perception is finally out the water for a long list of bits and pieces to get her from Cape Town back to Port Elizabeth. From anti-foul, engine service, rigging check, sails check and a new Raymarine Autopilot. Being stuck in Port […]

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Falling in Love 4

We have been searching for our perfect home for a year or two. Free time was spent fantasizing on Yacht world or watching YouTube yacht reviews. Towards the end of 2015 we came across a lovely candidate moored in Cape Town, but we ummed and aahed too long and she […]


Our First Solo Family Sail.

Winter is over, the birds are singing, the insects are chirping, the blossoms are blooming. And the kids and I finally joined Mike for a little sail. With no other grownups (read experienced sailors) to help out. It was raining this morning and prospects looked grim. The kids have both […]

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Back in the water

Malgas back in the water. After just over two weeks we are finally back in the water!                      The engine all reconditioned and repainted. Before and after..          


Back to school 1

Since our much anticipated sailing adventure involves carrying the most precious cargo a mother can, it was decided that I would go on a sailing course. My previous experience of sailing is limited to the 4 minutes on an Optimist as a kid, before I could ask what a boom […]


The Sails

One thing about being permanently moored next to a Manganese loading dock is the dust. Fine, black Manganese dust everywhere. It sticks to everything, including, of course, sails. Malgas is out of the water for maintenance, so it is the perfect time to wash her sails. I mean, she doesn't […]


Up, up and away.

What excitement! Malgas is coming out of the water. The maintenance guy checks that the chain is hooked properly. We all hold our breath….. She looks so vulnerable up there. My nerves were shattered. Almost there. Still holding. Pull….. Safely on the hard. There's work to be done. This is […]



One thing I have always felt very strongly about, is litter. We recycle, we buy in bulk to reduce packaging and we pick up litter where we can. So much so, that Maya started a 'Litterclub' at school when she was in Grade 3. Not mom's idea either, she came […]


Maya’s Dream Boat

Since we are still searching for that perfect-for-us yacht, Maya decided to take things in her own hands and design the ultimate vessel that meets all her needs. Note the amount of space and, of course, the TWO Tv’s.

Gathering Information.

Since my last post , months and months ago, we have been trying to learn as much as possible. Most of this learnig took place in front of the tv, watching sailing videos on youtube. It's amazing what you can learn by watching others. We have fallen in and out […]

How it came about

We decided to give it all up and cruise the world. Easier said than done, actually. Consider the ramifications of such a change. First, let’s look at the shallow, obvious one.  Money. We are a nuclear family unit of four. We have a father who goes off to work every […]

VHF Restricted Radio Licence

Today I completed, and passed, my VHF Restricted Radio Licence Exam. Quite chuffed with myself for getting my brain out of neutral and actually getting some learning done.

Stuff to do

Stuff to Do: 1. SAMSA VHF Restricted Radio Licence (completed 19th May 2014) 2. SAMSA SSB Radio Licence (completed 6th of August 2014) 3.1st Aid Certificate 4. SAS and RYA Day Skippers Ticket (completed 26th of August 2014) 5. Get Mileage 6. SAS and RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Yachtmaster Offshore […]

Let’s get started

I suppose everything starts with something and this is where my dream to sail started. As a young boy my father introduced me to sailing as a sport. From the age of about six, until about fifteen years, every summer weekend was spent down at the river racing. Every holiday […]