New belly for Perception! 1

New belly for Perception! So the day came when it was time to start cutting out all the rust and replacing the infected sections and plates. Although removing entire plates seems a bit harsh, I wanted to start with fresh steel sections and plates. Correctly primed and painted that will […]

Dust, grit and more dust and more grit.

Dust, grit and more dust and more grit. Since the haulout things have been rather hectic. First we sandblasted the interior with a sweep-blast, to blow away all old paint and find any bad spots. This was done by an outside contractor, as I believe that the professionals would be […]

Building the Toe Rail and Hawes

Building the Toe Rail and Hawes. To save some time I ordered some 5mm mild steel plate cut to size and had them weld a 16mm round bar to the top of the plate. These will be the new toe rail, as currently Perception has a kind of non-functioning, ugly-looking […]

Haulout !

It’s been a while since the last big event. And this one has been eagerly awaited for months. Perception was hauled out onto the hard. We finally saw her belly IRL, for the very first time.  And what a sight. She sure is a solid lady. After six months of […]

Almost There 1

3 Truck loads, and countless bakkie loads of stripped materials and I am glad to say that the first of many phases are almost complete. Just a couple of stringers with wooden, support strips to be removed. Then it’s onto getting the engine and bilge pump reconnected and the start […]