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I suppose everything starts with something and this is where my dream to sail started. As a young boy my father introduced me to sailing as a sport. From the age of about six, until about fifteen years, every summer weekend was spent down at the river racing. Every holiday we piled into my dad’s car and off we went to some corner of South Africa for a national or provincial regatta.

So I guess, during that time my love for sailing and traveling developed. I remember having a world map on my wall with drawing pins marking remote destinations. A big piece of red cotton connecting the points.
Well after all the years sailing as a youngster, it all became a bit tedious and I wound up moving to Cape Town with my family and sailing came to a rather abrupt end. After school I did my national service in the Navy, based in Simonstown (Redhill) as a dog handler of all things. My father moved back to Port Elizabeth and started a new business which I joined after finishing off in the navy. Skip twenty years and now have a family of my own.
Maybe it’s a bit of midlife crisis kicking in but that original dream has been itching again for a while, and if that itch is not scratched it will probably linger forever in the back of my mind.

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