Stuff to do

Stuff to Do:

1. SAMSA VHF Restricted Radio Licence (completed 19th May 2014)
2. SAMSA SSB Radio Licence (completed 6th of August 2014)
3.1st Aid Certificate
4. SAS and RYA Day Skippers Ticket (completed 26th of August 2014)
5. Get Mileage
6. SAS and RYA Yachtmaster Coastal / Yachtmaster Offshore Ticket
7. Get MileageSAS and RYA Yachtmaster Ocean
8. Spend a lot of money
9. Enjoy

I seem to be missing something…

I finally received the study documents from today via e-mail. Interesting stuff. Let the brain start working again!

Here is a link to the files as of April 2014:
VHF Files


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