How it came about

We decided to give it all up and cruise the world.

Easier said than done, actually.
Consider the ramifications of such a change.
First, let’s look at the shallow, obvious one.
We are a nuclear family unit of four.
We have a father who goes off to work every day to pay all the bills.
We have a mother who stays at home to cook and clean.
We have two kids who go to a private school.
One income, four humans to feed.
And clothe.
And entertain.
Not exactly the lap of luxury, but not on the breadline either.
Now, carry on with your life while saving for the dream boat.
Whahahaha, easier said than done.  Lottery tickets? Check.
Then, how about the emotional impact of such a decision?
Dad is very happy and excited, as this has been his dream since forever.
Mom is very nervous, since she sees pirates and boogymen behind every wave.
Sister is very unhappy, since she has an awesome social life, loves her friends and feels that her evil parents are dragging her away from civilisation to a life of poverty, discomfort, loneliness and most importantly, dodgy wi-fi.
Brother is excited, because school sucks, fishing rocks, friends can be face-timed occasionally, so let’s go already.
Now for the downer bit, practicality.
Ya, we know, this is not a practically feasible dream.
Ya, we know, there will be hardship.(geddit?)
Ya, we know, it can be dangerous.
Ya, we know, money is going to be tight.
Ya, some of us know, homeschooling is going to be difficult.
But, but:
We live in a beautiful country that I feel we are no longer welcome in.
Our kind ruled the land unfairly for a long time and now the previously disadvantaged people are getting their own back. Which, to sum it up in a nutshell, means: our forefathers were mean, so our children have no future in this land.
Maybe in a decade or three, our country will find the right balance, but for now, we don’t fit in.
The crime rate has soared over the last few years, which sees us locked up in our houses, with armed response, electric fences, scary Rottweillers, neighbourhood watch, walkie talkie backup……
And still we don’t feel safe.
Hubby works hard to support us, but a very large part of his salary goes towards lubricating the gravy train for fatcats who definitely do not have our best interests at heart.
The kids are in an overpriced private school, to avoid the drugs and alcohol sold to primary school kids in government schools.  Not to mention the teachers’strikes. Or the useless education level.
See where I’m going with this?
There is a huge elephant in the room.
The quality of life is sub standard.
We don’t like that very much.
So, what if we take this leap of faith, get on a boat and sail the seven seas?
What if we breathe fresh, unpolluted air?

What if we see the wonders of the world?
What if our bodies grow strong with the physical work on the boat?
What if the four of us get to spend time together as a family?
Hmmmm, it could actually work. Could it?
Only one way to find out, so here we go.
This is the story of our journey as a family. Let’s see where the tide takes us.

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