Monthly Archives: July 2015

The Sails

One thing about being permanently moored next to a Manganese loading dock is the dust. Fine, black Manganese dust everywhere. It sticks to everything, including, of course, sails. Malgas is out of the water for maintenance, so it is the perfect time to wash her sails. I mean, she doesn't […]

Up, up and away.

What excitement! Malgas is coming out of the water. The maintenance guy checks that the chain is hooked properly. We all hold our breath….. She looks so vulnerable up there. My nerves were shattered. Almost there. Still holding. Pull….. Safely on the hard. There's work to be done. This is […]


One thing I have always felt very strongly about, is litter. We recycle, we buy in bulk to reduce packaging and we pick up litter where we can. So much so, that Maya started a 'Litterclub' at school when she was in Grade 3. Not mom's idea either, she came […]