One thing I have always felt very strongly about, is litter. We recycle, we buy in bulk to reduce packaging and we pick up litter where we can. So much so, that Maya started a 'Litterclub' at school when she was in Grade 3. Not mom's idea either, she came up with it all on her own. She approached the teachers and was allocated a certain amount of break periods a week to clean up the playground. Soon she had a formidable following and the playground was pristine.

Beach cleanups are fun and we love sorting our 'treasure' when we get home. It's amazing what you find washed up amongst the rocks. Which brings me to the plastic pollution issue in our oceans. No, we haven't seen it for ourselves. But we see the pictures and read the acounts of the horrific devastation of our planet. We would really like to do something about that. But what, we ask. How can one little family of four possibly make any difference? It seems too overwhelming to even try. But you know those annoying facebook memes? The ones everyone scoffs at as sentimental. One day I came across one that read “be the change you want to see” and it occurred to me that if everyone believed that cleaning up the ocean pollution is too vast a project to even consider, then nothing will ever get done.

This 2016 project is such a good start, although there is concern about the little creatures living in those patches. But again, better to at least do something.

While we are still in the planning/dreaming/saving phase of our adventure, I am searching for ways to do our bit to clean up our oceans. If anyone has ideas, please share them. In the meantime, a-googling I will go.

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