The Sails

One thing about being permanently moored next to a Manganese loading dock is the dust. Fine, black Manganese dust everywhere. It sticks to everything, including, of course, sails.

Malgas is out of the water for maintenance, so it is the perfect time to wash her sails. I mean, she doesn't really need them right now, does she? So, off home we go with a rather rigid, uncommunicative front passenger. Seatbelt strapped in, because Nissan believes in safety first and anything over 500 g sets off the beeping. We borrowed a high pressure hose, stocked up on Cleen Green and got scrubbing.

Morpheus the bosscat looks on as Mike gets going.

Scrubbin' and scrubbin'

All the bodies scrubbin'

Someone missed a spot… and Karma noticed


In between scrubbing , mom studies her boatparts for her upcoming Competent Crew course.

A Quick rinse,

And another rinse.

And the sun can do the rest.

We decided to leave the Mainsail for the next day, but that is when the rain started. And went on for over a week. Luckily there is no rush. What I love most about boat related labour, is that the whole family gets involved. A housemom could get used to this sharing of work.



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