Our First Solo Family Sail.

Winter is over, the birds are singing, the insects are chirping, the blossoms are blooming. And the kids and I finally joined Mike for a little sail. With no other grownups (read experienced sailors) to help out.

It was raining this morning and prospects looked grim. The kids have both been down with summer colds and this mom worried about them getting even more sick. But we packed our many snacks, cameras and courage and headed for the Yacht club. The clouds parted for us, the skies cleared and by the time we set sails, the sun was out in full regalia.


The kids made me so proud today. Maya steered most of the time, even through traffic. We even hit 7.5 knots at one stage. There were some scary moments, we admit, we don’t like it when the boat heels over. But the fun far outweighed the fear and we all had a great day .

All this fresh air makes a young man hungry


Steering is exhausting



Aaah, Love…

Maya definitely learnt a lot today.

Ready to step off.

I must say, sailing is a lot more fun when you are involved in the action, and not just getting in the way. I foresee many days like these this summer.


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