Falling in Love 4

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We have been searching for our perfect home for a year or two. Free time was spent fantasizing on Yacht world or watching YouTube yacht reviews. Towards the end of 2015 we came across a lovely candidate moored in Cape Town, but we ummed and aahed too long and she was snapped up.

When Mike sent me the specs for Astro Universe, I proposed a roadtrip to meet her in person. We bundled the kids in the car and set off on our journey early on a Saturday morning. Torrential rain assaulted the windscreen and strong winds fought me for the wheel. I couldn’t help but fear that we were on a fool’s errand. 10 Hours and 800 km later we limped into the Royal Cape Yacht Club to meet the broker.

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It was Love at first sight for myself and both the kids. Mike at least tried to be sensible and stay detached, but it was a losing battle.
She is a 47 ft Steel hulled Arcadia, a fixer upper with the perfect balance of whimsical romance and practical sensibility. There would be many hours spent working on her, but we agreed that it was doable, as long as her hull was good. We have all heard the horror stories of steel hulls, salt water and inexperienced sailors. The rest we can slowly sort out over the next year or so (Mike being of the handy variety of menfolk) until all of us are ready to take the metaphorical plunge.
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What followed has been the longest month in years. That is how long it took to finally get her on the hard for her hull inspection. Which is good! I am pleased to report that paperwork is shuffling and we are about to become first time home owners!

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Our distant Dream to Sail is becoming a reality. Although it will take months of work, the first step has been taken.

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