The Visit

On the 19th of March 2016 Mike and I bought a boat. No big deal really, is it? Maybe not for some, but we had never bought anything bigger than a TV before this day. So this was a Supersized big deal for us. Call it a Big MacBoat. Not to be confused with the big English Boaty Mcboatface.

Since this big deal of a boat is in Cape Town and we are 800 km away in Port Elizabeth, it has been a very long 2 months. Imagine saving up for your life’s dream for 17 years and then being unable to touch the prize.  We couldn’t bring her home yet, because there were a few little issues to resolve. As you no doubt have known for a long time and we are finding out now, one thing tends to lead to another.  As one item is crossed off the to-do list, three more urgent jobs pop up.

 It started to feel like we were never going to set foot on Perception and morale was low here yonder.  Until Mike came up with a brilliant plan. “Let’s go to Cape Town and visit her”, he said. What a great idea, I thought.  So, Mike and Murray flew off to Cape Town on the Thursday morning to go and check things out. Maya and I followed a little slower by car after school on the Friday afternoon. We arrived at the Royal Cape Yacht Club shortly after 10 at night. It was dark and we were tired, so tired. We stumbled off to sleep in the dark cabin as lighting is a want, not a need at this stage.  On Saturday morning I woke before the crack of dawn, eager to explore. Perception is even more beautiful than I had remembered. The last time we saw her, it was for no longer than half an hour and we had no idea that she would one day actually be ours.  This time I saw every little detail with the proud eye of an owner. Ignorance is bliss, as they say, for I know naught of boat repair and maintenance. My beloved husband  however, knows exactly what he is in for. Lots and lots of work.  Many backbreaking hours of manual labour. When his eyes glaze over and worry tugs at his lower lip, I just keep reminding him that Perception is not just HIS boat. There are 4 of us and we are in this together. We will all do our bit to make our boat a comfortable home. Once we agreed on exactly what it is we will be doing, that is.  Mike is of the shipshape, a place for everything and everything in it’s place persuasion. I lean more towards colourful floating hippy caravan.  Imagine tie dyed sails and a mermaid figurehead. Maya wants strings of fairy lights everywhere and Murray?  Murray wants a hatch he can climb in and out of, a double bunk and his Nintendo DS.

Before any interior issues get resolved, though, Perception needs to come home to Port Elizabeth. There was a conflict between the autopilot and the hydraulic steering, but that seems to be sorted. The rudder is all gunky and funky, so that needs to be looked at. The bilge pump is not working. How do we know? Because when the water tank decided to crack up and let it’s contents go… You get the drift. There is some other stuff that needs doing too, but the details escape me. Ignorance, bliss.  For now it’s just a matter of getting the most essential repairs done so that Mike can get her home safely.

For now it is back to a long distance love affair, but at least we have had a bit of a boat-fix.

Sunset Over WildernessThe Long and Winding Road
Action StationPretty
I need a Rum...Table Mountain
Reflection on PerceptionSunrise at RCYC

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