Perception – Our dream to sail 1

I guess it’s too late to change our minds now-Perception is being gutted like a fish. Although I loved her interior when we bought her, Mike’s vision for her new look is exciting. This old lady is going to get an all new, crisp white open plan layout. There is a lot of work ahead for our family, but I trust that it will all be worth it in the end.
Watch this space.

img_4431 img_4427
img_4429 img_4423
  img_4421 IMG_3388 (Medium)
 img_4486 img_4496
img_4505 img_4509
 img_4463 img_4512
img_4445 img_4494
 img_4475 img_4504
 img_4487 img_4433
img_4431 img_4471
img_4458 img_4439
img_4449 IMG_3385 (Medium)

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One thought on “Perception – Our dream to sail

  • Dennis Hutchinson

    I hope you realise the huge job you have ahead !!! I built 3 Hartley Fijian 45ft ferro hulls and then saw the amount of work to complete !!

    Best of luck , Dennis Hutchinson