Welding Wonderfulness

Mike received a call, warning him that Perception’s starboard bow fairlead had come undone. He rushed down to check and found that the deckplate had rusted through. He had been keeping a eye on the problem since Cape Town and the problem to come, now turned into an immediate problem. Luckily for us, a friend with superb welding skills just so happened to be in the vicinity and before you could say ‘panic’, the problem was sorted.

The upkeep and repair of the steel has always been a worry. Neither of us have much welding experience and it seemed like such a formidable new trade to learn. So, after watching Lyndon work, Mike was very much relieved to learn that it is not really that difficult. In fact, this welding thing looks like a whole lot of fun. Now we can let go of one worry out of the few million.
Steel boats are awesome!

img_4529 img_4524
img_4620 img_4538
img_4643 img_4625
img_4600 img_4584
img_4615 img_4613
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