Dismantling of Perception

Here is a quick update on the dismantling of Perception. So far we have stripped out all interior structures from the aft cabin, port head, galley and workroom. The workroom has the hydraulic steering in place that will have to be moved down the line as well as the cable emergency steering system.

The hull is still looking great as far as I have seen so no major worries there. One of the previous craftsmen installed a stainless steel holding tank right against the steel ribs and that has turned into a bit of a mess, but still nothing that bad. The only major bummer was when I blindly cut the new autopilot cable in half, and knowing Raymarine, that will come to hurt the empty wallet in the future.

I managed to pull/cut out the old switchboard yesterday so the boat is basically electronically dead and all electronics are being removed bit by bit.

Wow what a mess…



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