Slow but Steady Progress

Perception on a calm evening

Work is progressing at a marginal rate, as I can only get down to the mooring after work. But summer is on it’s way and the days are getting longer. Working after dark is not an option right now but I do see a portable spotlight on the horizon.. Occasional visits by Maria and the kids make dismantling a bit less tedious and talking about the rebuild always gives us energy to get down and dirty. The immediate plan right now is to get all of the existing structure out, and make assess to the hull as easy as possible. I will have to reconnect the engine so that we have propulsion and access to the main electronic bilge pump. Just in case of a sudden, salt water spring, sprouting out of a soft spot. (my major recurring nightmare).

The previous owners had no idea about interior structures in a steel boat. Most of the “new interior” that existed in the hull had marine ply butted straight up against the skin. At the time this was done no new epoxy was replaced and has caused quite a few soft spots on the hull. Time will tell just how bad they are and how much work will be needed to correct the problems. Another disappointment was all the new additions that were completed were basically slap dash over the original without removing anything as they progressed along. So at the end of the day we are left with basically three renovations, all ignoring the re-painting/repairing of the hull, three layers of marine ply screwed in place over the existing and original structure. Plumbing and electrical was also not replaced only disconnected and added to.

But, all is good and still a lot of fun. Loving the life of a yacht maintenance mechanic…


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