Almost There 1

3 Truck loads, and countless bakkie loads of stripped materials and I am glad to say that the first of many phases are almost complete. Just a couple of stringers with wooden, support strips to be removed. Then it’s onto getting the engine and bilge pump reconnected and the start of stripping off all the old interior paint.

I have been cursing the previous owners that made interior alterations. They had bolted wood to painted steel in the bilge area! Even as a total novice I know that is a big no-no. The wood gets wet, and stays wet, and slowly penetrates the paint on the steel and the big enemy rust starts to set in. All of this done in places where you can have a never look. (Under the water tanks for instance) Another wood on steel problem was below all the water and holding tanks. I am not sure the reasoning behind it, but a loose marine ply cover, unvarnished or treated in any way placed under the tanks. This is right in the lowest point of the hull and is always wet.

Anyway, un-pleasantries out of the way, all the work is progressing slowly but always fun. Even in the early stages of the re-build a real sense of achievement is starting to shape up.

 img_3655 fullsizerender
 img_3703 img_3707
 img_3704 fullsizerender-1


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