Building the Toe Rail and Hawes

Building the Toe Rail and Hawes.

To save some time I ordered some 5mm mild steel plate cut to size and had them weld a 16mm round bar to the top of the plate. These will be the new toe rail, as currently Perception has a kind of non-functioning, ugly-looking and bad excuse for a toe rail. What I ordered and what I received were two totally different things. Rightly, I should have specified that the weld should have been a small as possible, but received back a weld that sometimes extended past the 16mm round bar! Well you live and learn. Four days later and a lot of s&s the toe rails look quite a bit better.

Toe RailToe Rail
 Toe Rail  Toe Rail
 Toe Rail  Toe Rail
 Toe Rail - Before Toe Rail - After

I also had the cut-outs for the hawes laser cut. These are going to be installed once the toe rails are in place. I still have to work out the exact positioning, with the existing cleats on the deck, to minimise chaffing. These were going to also have 16mm round bar welded into them but have decided against going down that path. Reason being that the mooring lines rubbing at an angle against the 16mm round bar, would have probably have chaffed through in no time. Also the lines rubbing against the epoxy top-coat, would rubbed the epoxy away in no time and we would be left with a potential rust spot that we would have never been able to get rid of.

So I decided, with advise from a stainless steel guru, to have the cut-out made out of c3r12 stainless steel and a 22mm hollow tube welded into the opening. The 22mm tube will be grade 316 stainless steel, and apparently you will have rust problems down the line if you weld that straight to the 5mm mild steel plate. So the final will be the 22mm stainless steel tube welded to the 5mm c3r12 plate and then the plate welded to the 5mm mild steel toe rail.


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